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22 Oct 2012

Reflow Studio’s Top Five Favourite Functionalities (is that even a word?)



    The quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.
    The purpose that something is designed or expected to fulfil.

What makes functionality?  According to the above it is something that can be easily described and defined.  However more often than not the difference between good functionality and great functionality gets discussed in terms of sense and feel (much to the frustration of developers).  Here at Hammer Web we spend loads of our time coming up with new and innovative ways to achieve our clients website goals.   Functionality plays a massive part in achieving these goals and subsequently we invest considerable effort in making our websites stylish and original.
Sadly some of our most functionally original work often lives deep within a website, fulfilling some essential purpose that is not immediately visible when you first visit that site.
This is our opportunity to point out (boast) about some of our favourite bits of functionality that we’ve created.

The Reflow Studio Top Five Favourite Functionalities:
Italian boot manufacturer Scarpa has been producing quality hand made mountain footwear for over 60 years.  For the Scarpa website we were asked to produce a fluid filtering system for footwear, demonstrating the varied suitability of the product range and allowing for easy comparison.  With that in mind we created a simple suitability index so that it was clear to what degree a certain boot or shoe was suitable for a certain activity.  This allowed for a quick and easy visual distinction to be drawn between the different products, without reading any text.  If more information about suitability was needed then a comparison tool would line up selected product and compare them in an easy to read tabular format.



Georgina Humprey is one of the leading photographers in the Peak District.  Specialising in portrait, equine and wedding photography she recently asked us to redesign the look and feel of her website.  Key to the redesign was the requirement for her home page to display a selection of her images but without the standard automatic rotation of those images that has become so common.  This called for a manual way of rotating the images.  The User would have to rotate the image and therefore the challenge for us was to create a function that was simple and fluid enough that people would be compelled to use it.  We challenge you to visit the website and not ‘Drag Me’


Heathcotes Care provides specialist care for people with learning disabilities and the elderly.  Keen to make every aspect of their homes more accessible, Heathcotes asked us if we could help them make their website more accessible as well.  This led to us using ‘Widget’ symbols to help people, who have difficulty reading, identify the meaning of words.  Through the ‘Widget’ symbols every word on a website has a graphic.  This displays on hover when you move your mouse pointer over a word and quickly offers a visual representation of that word to aid user understanding.

Wild Country is a leading British producer of rock climbing and mountaineering equipment.  Available around the world, it is therefore essential that the Wild Country website is accessible to multiple nationalities.   With this in mind Wild Country asked us if their website could be viewed in multiple languages.  Clearly indicated via tabs on the right side of the website, switching between Spanish, German, Italian and French is a doddle.


Origin Broadband is an Internet Service Provider in South Yorkshire.  Using The Digital Region Fibre Optic Network they handle the practicalities of getting homes and businesses connected to the Internet. When trying to secure new customers the key information that Origin Broadband has to get across is the Internet speed that they can offer.  This speed varies from location to location.  For this reason Hammer Design came up with a way to show the broadband speeds available at different locations.  Searchable by postcode and connected to Google Maps this system clearly demonstrates Internet speeds you can expect from Origin Broadband and the proximity of your home or business to a BSAN cabinet.




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