Facebook Welcome Pages. Why have one?

22 Nov 2012

Sometimes called a ‘welcome tab’ or ‘landing page’, the ability to create a facebook ‘welcome page’ for your businesses facebook account is a key way to get more people to follow you or ‘Like’ your page.

So what is it?  Put simply, it is a page which normally contains a large graphic image that visitors will arrive on when they first come to your facebook page.   Normally when people arrive at your facebook page whether searching facebook itself or through a search engine they arrive at your wall.  Having a ‘welcome page’ allows you to say exactly what you want to say, in exactly the way you want to say it, to all new visitors.  This is in contrast to them landing on your wall which could be displaying any one of a number of comments.

What are the key points to consider with Facebook Welcome Pages?

Brand strengthening
Through a high quality graphic representation of your business you strengthen your brand image.
Crystal clear indication of the benefits to someone liking your business
With a welcome page you can clearly explain to people what they will be getting from you if they like your business e.g.: ‘follow us to be kept up to date with special offers, top deals and competitions’.
In a Nutshell
It allows you to explain succinctly what your business does and who you are.  Your wall might be engaging to someone who knows your business but says little about it to the first time viewer.
Indicates Facebook professionalism
A proper welcome page shows you care enough about facebook to make one and indicates a certain level of commitment to the platform, making people more likely to ‘Like’ you.

What can you do with a Facebook Welcome page?

The welcome page is highly flexible.  If you are trying to increase the number of people who ‘Like’ you or are following you then the graphic can focus on encouraging this.  If you have a one off promotion that you want to push then it can be used for this.  If you want the landing page to be clickable and bring people out of facebook, back to your website, this is also possible.
If you are thinking about creating a welcome page consider what step you want people to take when they see it: Click ‘Like’, enter a competition, visit your website etc.

What else is there to know?

It is possible to create a ‘revealable’ welcome page.  This means that someone who is following you sees a different page to someone who is not.  In this way you can encourage new visitors to like you so they can see your second welcome page, which, for example, might contain a competition available only to your followers.

What are the actual mechanics of getting a facebook welcome page?

We are not going to go into the details of how to create a facebook welcome page here.  It is enough to say that first you need a graphic 500px wide and about 700px deep and then you need to install a Static HTML: iFrame tab (this is really, really, easy).  That’s it.

The graphic is where Reflow Studio can help you out the most (and we’re happy to explain about the Static HTML: iFrame bit too).  If you’d like to know more then Drop Us a Line or Give Us a Call on 01433 650555.

The Reflow Studio Facebook Welcome page. 
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