Who is watching you now?

19 Dec 2012

Earlier this year Mozilla introduced Collusion, an add-on for the Firefox browser that shows you how companies are tracking you as you browse the Web.   The software shows the connections between sites you visit and third-party tracking and advertising networks such as Doubleclick and Scorecard Research. It makes plain the invisible web that has been tracking you and your data as you trawl the Internet.

The map below is the result of visits to only six sites that our Account Manager Adrian Daniel visits on a regular basis.



Collusion will help you understand how you’re being tracked online, but it won’t stop it from happening. For that, you can disable “third-party” cookies on your browser and install other add-ons such as TrackerBlock. Now also available for Google Chrome, Collusion offers an interesting insight into a part of the World Wide Web that is relatively hidden from view.

This TED Video features Gary Kovacs, the CEO or Mozilla Corporation, talking about the reasons for the creation of Collusion.

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