Chameleon Version 5 Released

13 Feb 2013

To mark the launch of Reflow Studio we are also releasing Version 5 of Chameleon CMS.  Below are just some of the new and improved features of Version 5.  Keep your eyes peeled for further changes over the coming year.  Every few months there will be added functionality and CMS improvements as Chameleon evolves.

What does Version 5 have to offer?


New Pictures Tab - The Pictures system has been radically overhauled.  You can now drag and drop multiple images into the CMS to Upload.  The organisation, structure and functions of the pictures tab has also been massively improved.  Websites on the new version of the CMS will also no longer have to worry about resizing images for their websites as a 'one size fits all' upload is now possible.

New Files Tab - The Files system has also been radically overhauled. You can now drag and drop multiple files in the CMS to Upload.  The organisation, structure and functions of the Files Tab have also been massively improved.  You can now create Resources in bulk from out of the Files Tab for example.

Improved User Interface - The tabbed structure of Chameleon has been changed.  Various elements of the CMS have been renamed to make it clearer to use and many of the functions of settings have now been brought up into the tabs so that those elements of functionality are better understood and utilised.

Product Promotions - for clients with eCommerce websites the improvements to the product promotions means that running promotions of a complex nature has never been easier.  Apply User specific or product specific promotions site wide in an easy to manage interface.

New Text Editor - Version 5 has a new and updated text editor to make the page content field easier to manage.  A new You Tube button makes embedding a video easy - no more going into the HTML code to get a video into your website.

Faster - The new Chameleon CMS is much faster with reworked code and the updated Pictures and Files Tab.  Page load times are reduced and Users get to see what they want that bit faster.

Improvements to Resources – much of the old functionality of Chameleon has been done away with and the Resources Tab is now the primary way that files are managed.  This makes Resource creation and managment the primary and much easier way to manage all the files that can be downloaded from your website.

There are many more improvements to Version 5 but the best way to see them is to get in touch and ask for a tour.   Reflow Studio has a demo website standing by to show you around…

Get in touch for your tour...

What happens to my CMS if it's on Version 4?


If you are an existing client on Version 4 we want you to be in a position to upgrade to Version 5.  For this to be possible a CMS must first be on the latest and highest update number of Version 4.  For this reason we will be bringing all of our V4 clients up to the highest update number of Version 4 over the next few months.

This will happen irrespective of whether a client wants to upgrade to Version 5, take out a support contract or just continue with the CMS lease and hosting.

What does this mean?

This means that for many of our clients currently on Version 4 they will get a functionality update that offers them a superior CMS for free!  After this any client that wants to upgrade to Version 5 will be in a position to do so.

To find out more about update/upgrade paths and support for Version 4 and Version 5 visit the Chameleon CMS website.


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