Reflow Studio Rolls Out Responsive Websites

27 May 2013

There was a time when computer monitors all came in a single size, when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and terms like ‘dial up’ still meant something.  For those of you that were there and can remember the  ‘Pshhhkkkkkkrrrrkakingkakingkakingtshchchchchchchchcch*ding*ding*ding’ of a modem dial up (not the call of a dinosaur), I’m here to tell you that those days are gone for good, and the future is responsive websites.

For a while it seemed like mobile sites, specifically tailored for a particular portal, might take the lead.  However the workload burden of having to support the content and editing of two sites, combined with the emergence of so many micro variations in monitor size from the massive to the tiny, has pretty much killed the mobile site stone dead.  No one wants to be rebuilding a site for every new device that comes out.  One website viewable on multiple devices makes way more sense.

With all that in mind Reflow Studio has produced its first responsive websites using the Wordpress platform.  For websites that are exhibiting copy and images there are few other ways to go at the moment.  Not always the perfect solution for all sites (certain functionality can become prohibitively complex when introduced to responsive designs) for Syntax ITS and Grid & Distribution Professionals it was the ideal solution.  With their technical focus and highly mobile users accessing the websites from a range of devices it was the clear choice.  

If you want to take a look at our two latest responsive websites visit:

If you want a nostalgia laden trip down memory lane listen here:

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