Are your banners getting the clicks they deserve?

8 Apr 2014

There's more to a good animated banner than meets the eye.  Keeping a message clear and concise within a small area (and a small amount of time) is difficult.  Take a look at a selection of our banner ads below and a few of our thoughts on how to get the most milage out of your banner ad.

Wild Country






Outdoor Research




Look at the competitions ads, note what works, what doesn’t, what’s tremendous and see if you can find any common features that you can avoid or emulate.  Of note should be colour, copy, quantity of copy, size of copy and how much ads grab your attention or get lost in the page.

Keep it simple
Lots of elements do not necessarily equal a better ad.  Pack your ad full and the message is diluted and lost.  Pick what you want to get across and focus strongly on that, giving your message space and the opportunity to grab people’s attention.

Choose your words
In line with ‘keep it simple’, when it comes to copy on a banner: less is more.  Larger fonts with fewer words will separate your ad from the copy content of your standard web page which is generally small.  Too much text is boring.   Don’t forget a call to action.

Small file size
Keep the file size low so the ad loads quickly.  Consider that people with slower networks or on mobile networks might not be getting everything as quickly as you might like.  Keep it under 100k.

HTML5 not Flash
Flash is dead.  Keep everything working the most number of platforms and operating systems.   Get it made in HTML5.

Colours in Context
If you have the option, a unique ad for every website is a good idea.  Ads made to fit any site invariably end up looking out of place in one of them as it’s not possible to give a colour scheme to a banner ad that will work with every possible colour scheme.

Location location…
You ads will be more successful if you place them carefully.  Focused on an audience they will be that much more successful.  Make sure the demographic matches your audience as closely as it can. 

Check the destination
Make sure you a bringing people to a destination that’s worth while!  The banner ad might be great but if the page proper doesn’t hold their attention then you’ve failed to deliver on your promise with your high quality banner ad.

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