Google Introduces 'Mobile Friendly' Tag

20 Nov 2014

reflow studio responsive design

Google's quest to lead users to the best online experience ramped up a notch earlier this week with the release of their 'mobile friendly' label.  This will now appear in front of the page meta description on organic search results when you are on a mobile phone.

If there was ever any doubt that Google wants you to think mobile, think again.  The new label will appear automatically for any site that ticks Google’s mobile boxes.  Leaving those that don’t looking distinctly lacking.  

Though Google haven’t committed to a correlation between mobile friendly and rankings, there will undoubtedly be a higher click through for mobile friendly marked sites.  If you wondered what the value of going responsive was, here it is.

So what ticks Google’s mobile boxes?

  • Links need to be separated by enough spacing on the screen that they are easily clicked with a finger
  • Text can be read without resorting to ‘pinching in’ or ‘pinching out’
  • Content fits to the screen so that users don’t need to scroll horizontally
  • The website doesn’t use software uncommon to mobiles e.g Flash

All Reflow Studio’s responsive websites conform to these requirements.  If you want to see if your site will get the ‘mobile friendly’ tag Google has made a tool for you to test.

If you want to hear more on the subject from Google visit the Google Webmaster Blog.

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