Facebook Brings in New Service for Advertisers

26 Feb 2015

Watch out Google, Facebook’s new, simplified advertising is a taste of things to come.  The ‘Product Ads’ service is going to serve retailers products in adverts targeting the personal interest data of 1.4 billion users.  That’s a whole lot of data.

In February this new service was released and is in effect the answer to the service that Google has been running since 2013 in the form of Google Shopping.  Google shopping shows product price and image data that comes from eCommerce retailers own websites.  Product Ads will work in much the same way, taking key data out of a website and showing it in Facebook.

With Google the user has to be actively looking to have an ad pass in front of their eyes.  With the new Facebook service these very specific product ads will go looking for their user.

Make no mistake this online advertising is going to continue to offer increasing returns for retailers as Facebook significantly ramps up it’s efforts to compete with Google.  As an illustration in 2013 Facebook had 1 million active advertisers, in 2015 they have 2 million.  As the product offering grows so too does the dominance and Facebook shows no sign of slowing down its efforts.

How does Facebook Product Ads work?

Upload your product catalogue and create the ad campaign…

That’s it.  Facebook then targets users with your campaign based on interests, general location, and if a user has recently visited your website or app.

If you’d like to know more visit Facebook’s own page on Product Ads


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