One Step Away from Virtual Reality

17 Sep 2015

Virtual Reality is on everyone’s lips at the moment.  It’s the next big thing.  All the world is sure it’s clearly going to be ‘huge’.  Facebook bought Oculus, Playstation just announced Playstation VR, Google launched ‘Carboard’, HTC launched Vibe, Samsung built its flagship S7 phone around VR. Big organisations believe in this technology and they are investing heavily.

However where exactly VR is going to make the most impact and how it’s going to interact with the World Wide Web is not so clear.

Here at Reflow we are making our own initial forays into what VR technology will give us.  And strangely lots of the developments for VR are actually giving us great tools for the 2D world right now.

You’ve seen panoramic images that are searchable on the web before (e.g. Google Street View). The degree to which you can interact with kind of technology is now taking off and you can create some highly immersive environments, relatively easily.  Whilst before you needed specialist photographers you now have an app on someones phone.  Whilst previously the performance of browsers and the stability of devices was a problem, those problems are disappearing.

Take a look at the Reflow Studio Ltd office and see for yourself.  Here you’ve got a panoramic image with HTML elements overlaid for interaction.  Go for an explore and think about what you might want to show on your own website.

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