Digital Marketing

Want to grow your business?

The team at Reflow Studio want to help by utilising the very latest digital marketing techniques.

Though we do our fair share of print advertising, as primarily a digital design agency we have a wealth of experience in digital marketing.  Whether it's email marketing, augmented reality, QR codes, banners or any tool from the digital marketing box - we've used it:

Email Marketing:

The Chameleon CMS has its own Marketing Module built in to allow you to stay in touch easily with your clients and customers.
Bespoke designed, minimised for spam, the Marketing Module's email templates can easily be sent out as bulk HTML emails from our back office Chameleon CMS system. You can add to, edit and send, safe in the knowledge that your emails will be getting there and not disappearing into a junk mail box.

Social Media:

All our websites come with social media 'counters' as standard as well as buttons to take users to your social media pages.  
There is however more to social media than people sharing your website's pages and 'liking' your social media pages themselves.  We can help you promote dialogue and encourage people to interact with your social media pages to stir up a social media storm.


The Chameleon CMS which runs all our websites is built to be perfectly optimised for search engines.  However there is more to SEO than a well built website and XML feeds.  Keeping the content up to date or relevant and generating inbound links is equally important.  With that in mind we work with independent specialist SEO consultants to tailor each campaign to a clients specific needs.

PPC Advertising:

For the eCommerce retailer PPC marketing whether through social media or organic search engines is a valuable tool.  Whether through Google Adwords or Facebook we have the neccesary skills to run an effecitve and targeted PPC campaign.

Banner Adverts:

Whether animated or static, banner adverts placed on the appropriate third party website can bring a large amount of traffic to your website.  We regularly produce a range of banners for our clients animated in Flash or HTML 5.


There are other ways to promote your business through digital media.  The correct application of QR codes, augmented reality and a host of other digital marketing options are available.

Please get in touch to see what we can do to help your business.