Website Hosting & Support

Want peace of mind, digital security, swift bug fixes, 24hr external backups..?

That's what you get with a Reflow Studio Website through our Hosting and Support Packages.


All Reflow Studio clients have a Support Contract for their website. This deals with:


  • All Reflow Studio websites are hosted on our servers to give a high standard of uninterrupted service. Hosting means the provision of disk space, standard bandwidth allocation, webserver management and maintenance, MySQL database, 24hr external backups, server security and review.


  • Option 1 - Chameleon Standard CMS Lease 
    The Reflow Studio CMS, Chameleon, is supplied on a leased basis with an annual fee and must be held on Reflow Studio servers.  The annual CMS Lease for Chameleon CMS entitles our clients to regular bug fixes and minor revisions for the version of the CMS that they are on until end of life notification.

  • Option 2 - Chameleon Support Contract 
    Taking a support contract with Reflow Studio entitles your website to all bug fixes, minor and major updates to the Chameleon CMS for the term of the contract, which is renewed annually.  This means that you will always have the latest and most up to date Chameleon software to manage your website.

  • Support Option Alternate [open source] CMS: 
    There is no CMS lease if your website is built by us on an open source platform.  Support Contracts for websites hosted on open source platforms are negotiated on a per project basis.


Content/Marketing/SEO Support:

We regularly supply bespoke support packages to our clients who do not have the in house expertise or time to add content, SEO their website, write blog posts, conduct marketing etc.  We are happy to discuss support packages on a per project basis.

Want more detail?

The Chameleon CMS website contains more information regarding the Chameleon support options, hosting and our system for keeping all our clients CMS systems up to date.  Visit CMS Support Options & Upgrade/Update Paths for more info.