Avanti Fine Diamonds

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The Project

Produce an eCommerce website and a print advertising campaign to support the website launch along with company letterheads and business cards.

Project Purpose

To give Avanti Diamonds the opportunity to sell its huge range of diamonds and bespoke service online and promote the website accordingly.

Project Solutions

This project had considerable challenges as the amount of product variation was vast (band sizes, metal types, clarity etc) and the price data relating to the diamonds was constantly changing and needed to be up to date at all times.  These two issues combined presented considerable hurdles to overcome both in terms of front end user interface (how could someone choose from such a vast number of options) and back end site price management (how could we ensure that all price variables were up to date at all times without involving an absurd amount of man hours being needed to manage the site).

Designing the UI for the product page needed all our research, design and technical skill to deliver a user journey that was clear and got users to the point of purchase.  Should we present users with drop text down lists? Should we create a long graphical list of all the possible permutations or should we try and show as many of the controls as possible at the top of the page?  Through extensive user testing we created a set of controls, illustrated graphically, that a user could amend to tailor a diamond ring.  Prices were adjusted on the fly to give instant changes depending on what elements were being varied.  The result is a product page that has a huge number of controls but which even someone with a limited knowledge of diamonds can use.

For the back end of the site we integrated the website with a live feed from Idex (International Diamond Exchange) and SRK diamond listings.  This real time data is assembled from around the world and was assimilated by the website and transferred seamlessly through to the front end UI.  This ensured that ever user was getting up to date pricing data and removed the danger of a purchase being made at the wrong price.


Supported through their print advertising campaign Avanti got an eCommerce website that reflects their high quality bespoke service, is easy to manage and which is easy to use despite the complexity of the product

Visit the Website - www.avantifinediamonds.co.uk

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