Business Peak District

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The Project
Business Peak District is an organisation created to showcase and promote the diversity of businesses operating within the Peak District.

The prospectus is the culmination of like minded businesses in the region coming together to support the sustainable growth of the area’s economy, sharing the belief that it is a great place to live, a fantastic place to do business and a special place to visit.

Project Purpose
To produce a brochure which exhibits a range of diverse Peak District businesses operating in the local area.

With an open brief regarding the design of the prospectus, Reflow Studio were given the freedom of creating a whole new look and feel to the Business Peak District print marketing.

Encompassing such a diversity of businesses, the prospectus adopted a clean, well structured layout, bringing in subtle hues of colour to section the industries and deliver both an inviting and accomplished look.

A highly commended publication that increasingly promotes the Peak District economy and continues to attract further businesses to the area.