DSN Classics

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The Project

Design a new eCommerce website for an independent retailer of specialist parts to the Mini & Morris Minor market.

Website Purpose

This eCommerce website needed to maximise sales both nationally and internationally.  A key purpose of the site was to make shipping prices to international users clear in the context of a range that involved a great variety of product weights and volumes.


DSN wanted a website front end that would give a clear and simple design and structure to keep users moving towards the basket.

Due to an in house stock system we created a bespoke import for effective stock management. This was so that DSN could continue to create and update their product range from within their stock management software and the website would respond to changes in stock levels, prices and would create new product as the need arose.

With different discount groups (Mini and Morris Minor Clubs) using the site, a specialist discount module was created so that when logged in, different clubs get the relevant discount.  Furthermore the group discount system extended to groups of product also, so certain groups had certain product to which they were entitled to discount.

A specialist shipping system was created to allow DSN to tell users at the beginning of the basket process how much their basket would cost to ship to a country of their choosing.  In the event that no shipping data was available the order process would allow the user to place an order (without taking payment) so that data was captured and then DSN could at a later point contact the user and ask them to log into their account to see the final shipping cost and place their order.

To manage the specialist shipping system the product on the DSN website required volumetric weights and shipping cost data. This was all managed through spread sheet uploads to ensure quick and easy editing.


DSN has a great looking eCommerce website that is now taking sales and generating additional international revenue.

Visit the website - www.dsnclassics.co.uk