European Lung White Book Quiz


The Project
The European Lung White Book is published by the European Respiratory Society with the objective of bringing together the input of experts relating to the examination of lung health and disease in Europe.

Project Purpose
Reflow Studio was charged with replicating the entire The Entire European Lung White Book online and also, in the run up to launch of the website, a promotional quiz.

The objective of the quiz was to give experts the opportunity to test their knowledge in a fun and competitive way and lead them to engage with the website.

Reflow Studio delivered a bespoke web app using CSS and javascript.  Featuring a timer and an highly tactile and easy to use interface the quiz runs through a set of 10 multiple choice questions, gives you a score and offers you the opportunity to share your score (and challenge your friends) over social media and email.

The European Lung White Book got a holding page with a twist in the run up to the book launch and a long term way to engage users on a site which is otherwise strongly focused on being a reference tool.

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