European Lung White Book

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The Project

The European Lung White Book draws on the latest data from the World Health Organisation and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.  Published by the European Respiratory Society it takes input from experts across the continent to present a rigorous examination of lung health and disease in Europe as it stands and gives an informed analysis of future trends.  For the release of the book the European Respiratory Society required a supporting website.

Project Purpose
Reflow Studio was tasked with creating a website that could accommodate all the copy and data found in the book.  This large amount of content would need to be presented in such a way as to be highly accessible, searchable and downloadable.  

Reflow Studio delivered a bespoke website on our Chameleon CMS.  The key pages for the site were the main chapters of the book which needed careful design and development consideration.  Maps and graphs displaying data are features of the paper publication.  To make the website more interesting, accessible and interactive we converted the mapping elements to image maps.  This allowed users to see data for each nation by hovering over the respective country.  Using HTML5 and Javascript we animated large numbers of graphs so that they expanded to display their data on first view.

Because of the long pages with large amounts of content we developed an internal navigation sidebar for each page.  This allowed users to move around within the long chapter pages and see the breakdown of each chapter.  The side bar also provided the download and 'easy read' functionality that was required as well as an on page search function to help users find exactly what they were looking for.

The European Lung White Book now has a highly accessible website to support the print publication that allows anyone to read and download the entire content of the book. Furthermore the website allows all the raw data that supports conclusions in the chapters to be downloaded complementing the print publication and increasing the transparency of the conclusions the book reaches.

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