GDP Responsive Website

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The Project
After delivering Grid & Distribution Professionals a full brand identity package they asked us what would be the best way to represent them online.

The Objective
As a leading edge company delivering complex services it was essential that any website represented this core element of their identity.  For this reason the website would have to look highly professional.  It would also ideally be accessible to clients and employees who were constantly on the move and accessing the site through a variety of hand held devices.

As the website had no requirements for complex functionality a responsive website design was the best option.   Using a Wordpress platform in conjunction with some great imagery (the key to any good website) we produced a responsive site that gave the quality look, feel and functionality that GDP required.

The Outcome
GDP now have a responsive website that looks great, represents them perfectly as a leading edge business and which offers easy use for its core user groups.

Visit the website -