Hamnett Wealth Managment

bee project 004 bee project

It seemed like a strange request for a team of financial advisors based in Sheffield:

‘We’d like a compliment slip, with a business card that you can pop out. Oh and also we’d like to have a bee with component parts that you can also pop out, and assemble’

However with the knowledge that a branch of the company deals with ethical investments for families the request starts to seem more logical.

Always up for a challenge the Reflow Studio design team started the project by prototyping bees and working on the ‘popoutability’ of the different parts that would go together.

Using trusted printers we trialled various stocks to ensure the rigidity in the compliment slip would support the popping out and assembling.

The result?

A great looking piece of design that is an instant talking point for adults, and a great way to amuse kids whilst their parents are discussing financial planning round the kitchen table.



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