Heathcotes Care

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The Project

Produce a brand new website for Heathcotes Care.

Project Purpose

To increase the number of residents in Heathcotes Care establishments.


Designed to be usable by people of all abilities and disabilities with this in mind we incorporated bespoke functionality in the form of Widgit Technology that allows users to roll over words and see a 'flash card' graphical representation of the word.  This makes the website instantly much more accesable to users with learning disabilities who can use the symbols to guide them.

Using the existing logo and colour scheme of The Heathcotes Group, Reflow Studio identified the group’s branding requirements and married them to the key aspects of the brief regarding simplicity and usability. 

Creating a website that was highly visual in its content meant that Reflow Studio was commissioned to visit many homes and supply a range of photographic images from each.  When the images, the design and finally the text had been added for launch, the Heathcotes Group staff were given website training and left with a versatile tool to manage their online presence.

To support the website Heathcotes also recieved the Marketing Module, a key part of the the Chameleon CMS which allows Heathcotes to send email shots quickly and easily.

Social networking, blogs and news were all bought in to improve Heathcotes ability to communicate with its target audience for maximum benefit.  


A website that is highly accesable and popular, raising Heathcotes Care out of relative search engine obsurity. The website also fullfilled its primary goal of being extreemly accesable, offering straight forward navigation and graphical representation of words. Brand awareness of Heathcotes Care has grown. The search term 'Heathcotes Care' rose in search engine results and Heathcotes Care now has a highly active news, events, and blog section to their website to help them communicate their message.

Visit the website - www.heathcotes.net

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