Jill Gibbon

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The Project

Design and develop a new website for a local artist.

Website Purpose

Offer Jill an oportunity to exhibit her work online in an appropriate manner.


Key to the design of the site was going to be the need to maintain a tactile element to reflect the fact that Jill's drawings were made in small Moleskin notebooks. It was essential for her work to be seen in the context of these notebooks which do themselves tell so much of the story behind the sketches.  The website would need to feel like you were turning pages or exploring the notebooks yourself.  

An added complication to the project was that the notebooks did not turn as would a page in a book but concertinaed outwards.

After much head scratching the design and development team came up with a way of exhibiting sometimes quite large drawings using a scroll function and new gallery plugin that we created from scratch.


The result is a simple tool for exploring Jill’s artwork online which fullfils the brief of offering users a level of interaction with her work.

Visit the website - www.jillgibbon.co.uk