Lorpen UK

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The Project

The eCommerce website for Lorpen had the twin objective of raising awareness and understanding of a little known brand (in the UK), illustrating the techinical elements of the product and offering the opportunity for Lorpsocks to be sold direct to consumersen. 

Project Purpose

Lorpen socks are a high quality and (though you might not believe it) a technically complex product.  With a USP that is closely tied to this technological inovation it was key in the website and advertising that this technology be adequately illustrated.


Selling 'The Planets Most State of the Art Sock' required us to get accross complex product information in a way that was quick and easy to understand.  Using a combinaton of recognised branding for sock components and graphical representation of how the materials for the socks work we were able to create adverts that clearly illustrated that Lorpen socks had to offer on the website, in print and in digital adverts for the brand and its products.

Using all our in house design and development expertise we bought the Lorpen product range to life using themed backdrops and through practical and interesting product filtering and product comparison functionality.


What was the result?  Buying through the website is easy, awareness of the brand has increased and sales through the website are on the rise.

Visit the website - www.lorpen.co.uk