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The Project

Based in The Hope Valley in Derbyshire Safariquip is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of specialist travel accessories.  With their first eCommerce website dating back to the early internet days of 1998 they have a solid track record of focusing on the online shopper. With the recent explosion of online retail taking place on hand held devices Safariquip needed to upgrade their website to a responsive front end.  Their responsive Chameleon website was designed to give the best possible chance of converting users into sales on any platform.

Project Purpose
Take a successful eCommerce website and give it a responsive front end to increase conversions and lower bounce rates on hand held devices.  Also to preserve the extensive content which has built up on all things travel related and improve the presentation of this content in mobile and desktop views.

Reflow Studio delivered a bespoke website on our Chameleon CMS to Safariquip.  With a strong track record in the desktop view our efforts focused on how best to keep the large amount of content accessible and to get users to the more than 2000 product on the website. A Javascript based navigation with simple drill down gave users clear access to the different parts of the website.  A new product plugin was designed which gives an 'at a glance' or an 'at a swipe' view of all the variations that a product might have.  This avoids repetitive clicks to discover what stock is available.

Some information pages on the website had large amounts of content and these needed to be redesigned in bulk for mobile views so that they were still viable on smaller screens as well as in desktop.  These pages carrying so much search engine equity due to their long lifespan had to be redesigned carefully so as not to have a detrimental effect on the search engine rankings of the website.

Safariquip was furnished with a responsive eCommerce website that continues to perform well and secure increasing sales in a highly competitive market.

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