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Sea to Summit is the worlds leading maker of technical accessories for the outdoors.  Over 20 years the brand has become synonymous with superb design and cutting edge materials.  With a dedicated following in Australia, Sea to Summit is now gaining recognition internationally for the market leading products they make.  With their unique attitude to product design and materials, Sea to Summit has taken their vision from it's Australian roots and spread the word worldwide.


The Sea to Summit team provided excellent guidance from previous eCommerce experience on what the new site would need to do.  A core focus on function and originality would be needed to mirror the product values of the brand.  This led to a new strategy and way of thinking about the product page where we moved away from a more traditional layout.  Building a product selection tool that gave great visibility of stock, colour and size variations, the site has been successful at maintaining an original website feel but also continuing to convert visitors to purchasers.

Standards & Styles

At the beginning of the project we focused on design direction, making sure that the look we adopted was a reflection of Sea to Summit’s design ethos.  This ethos has been strongly emphasised through the brand’s Point of Sale design and the website needed to reflect this.  While we were developing the site we worked closely with the marketing team at Sea to Summit’s UK distributor to define a digital style that would be consistent with existing graphic design for the brand.

As part of this process we explored different avenues of design to narrow down what was needed.  The outcome was a fresh digital design, focused on Sea to Summit’s product ethos of high quality and minimalism, making the products and brand photography the focus.

Responsive Design

At the start of the project we developed a home page that used modular content areas to handle the variety of requirements that Sea to Summit had.  With such a diverse product range, that was so seasonally dependent, there were a great number of possible requirements in terms of content for the home page.  Almost too many.

However with refinement and dialogue with the designers and Sea to Summit the home page was refined to a point of excellence.  The design delivered a flexible but simple layout with a quality feel mirroring Sea to Summit’s product through the website’s more subtle effects on rollover, page load and scroll.

Improving Sales

For Sea to Summit we re afirmed our traditional position on the eCommerce sales funnel.  Simplicity is key with a clear path needing to be defined for the User to purchase.  This requires being deliberate about what you do not include and what is above and below the fold on different pages. The objective is to reduce distractions for the User and make sales the priority whilst allowing users scope to explore if they want.

Through a set of ‘activity’ pages we created additional paths to purchase whilst still keeping the core product sections untouched.  Through these additional pages the Sea to Summit story and range was illustrated in an intuitive and informative way.  This was important as many users to the UK site would be unfamiliar with the brand, new as it was.

Beyond these points we also incorporated an improved search function and Stripe payment provider.  Search improved users ability to find what they were looking for and Stripe made the final part of the payment process more secure and fluid with mobile phone verification as standard.

In Conclusion - Simple isn’t Simple.

As consumer expectations rise for eCommerce interactions online retailers are having to work harder to understand their motivation to purchase.  Building an ‘appetite’ for a brand means creating an experience and offering that aligns with User needs both practically and emotionally.

This means bringing together great imagery, copy and tactile digital interactions that insinuate high quality.  Amongst all of this is the requirement not to overwhelm the User and keep their interaction with a site simple.  Achieving this simplicity is the pinnacle of design.

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