Static Clothing

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The Project

Design a new website for a new clothing brand.

Website Purpose

The purpose of the Static website was to sell Static Clothing online and build awareness of the brand which is also sold by bricks and mortar retailers throughout Europe.


Because the brand is so young  The ‘Shop’ element of the Static website assumed a level of equal importance to the athletes news and media section, both key elements in the promotion of the brand.  With full and comprehensive social media integration the Static clothing website was specifically designed to focus on user promotion, rather than focusing on the hard sell.

With such a style orientated and youthful market it was essential that the website’s design was aimed to appeal to a younger audience.   With that in mind the Reflow Studio Design Team pulled out all the stops, attending biking events and learning everything they could about biking culture.  


Despite being an eCommerce website that doesn’t go for the hard sell, Static Clothing has quickly started selling online, is getting improved promotion within its target market through social media and now has an online presence to back up an already sterling reputation within the biking community. 

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